Twin Springs Camps Policies and FAQ

What are Check-In and Check-Out times?
Weekly rentals are from Saturday to Saturday. We look forward to your arrival as early as 3 PM. However, if you would like an earlier arrival, please give the on-site manager a call at 207-685-4726 to find out if the camp is ready for occupation. We are unable to accommodate early check-ins without prior approval. Please notify us if you will be checking in later than 5 p.m. Check-Out: 10 a.m. or earlier to allow our house cleaners adequate time to prepare for the next guests.

Can I go directly to my camp upon Check-In?
We encourage all first time guests to stop in the Main Camp (the first building on the right as you drive down the hill) for a brief orientation to Twin Springs Camps and the surrounding resources such as restaurants, supermarkets, laundry services, shopping, etc.

How many people can stay in a camp?
The number of guests shall not exceed the occupancy standards of 6 per cabin.

My family would like to share a camp, is that okay?
That is fine as long as the maximum occupancy of 6 is not exceeded.

What is your cancellation policy?
Please see the Rates and Availability Page.

Can I have visitors?
Twin Springs Camps is a place to relax amid the quiet beauty of nature. It is a family-run and family-oriented business. PLEASE do not plan large parties on premises. If you plan to host guests, limit the number. Camps are adequate to accommodate up to 6 persons so please use your judgement when planning gatherings with outside guests.

Are there quiet hours?
Please respect your neighbors - quiet hours are observed before 8 a.m. and after 10 p.m. Complaints will be addressed, and management reserves the right to request early departure without refund if problems continue after initial warning.

Will my camp be cleaned every day?
Daily Housekeeping services are not available with these weekly rentals. Clean sheets are provided for you to change bedding on Saturday for those families staying more than one week.

Are towels provided?
Bedding is provided, but you will need to bring kitchen and bath towels as well as paper goods. Septic-friendly toilet tissue will be provided.

Can I bring my pet?
You bet. We just ask that you extend every courtesy to those families camping without pets and be sure to keep your pets on a leash, do not allow them on the bedding, pick up after them and do not leave them unattended. There is an additional fee of $75/week per pet (maximum two dogs per camp) to cover costs of extra cleaning time. (Discuss at time of reservation.) Dogs exhibiting any signs of aggression, including excessive barking, will be asked to leave (Boarding facilities are available in Augusta and other nearby towns, and information will be provided.) Dog owners must clean up pet waste, especially in the beach area.

Are campfires allowed and can I bring firewood?
Outdoor fires are permitted but are restricted to designated fire pits, (except during very dry periods, when Maine law prohibits fires.) Fires must be supervised at all times and must be kept small. Wood is to be gathered from the forest on the property or purchased from nearby sawmills and NOT taken from the wood sheds, which supply wood for the indoor fireplaces. (We pay a premium price for the wood in the sheds. Using it in the pits affects weekly rental rates.)

Are bikes, mopeds, motorbikes, ATV's, or Scooters permitted?
Standard, non-motorized bicycles are welcome. We discourage motorized vehicles to be operated in and around the camps due to safety concerns for other campers as well as the potential for excessive noise.

Can I bring a boat?
Certainly. There is a public boat ramp at the far end of the lake. If you choose to bring your own boats or other recreational equipment, Twin Springs Camps is not liable for injuries, damages, or theft. You are expected to review Maine State Boating Laws and abide by them. Safety is of utmost importance! Unsafe motor boat use around the beach and raft is not acceptable at any time. Use of jet skis is discouraged.

I am concerned about the environment. How can I help while at Twin Springs Camps?
We are all concerned about our environment and we should be. Here are some tips that you and your family can do to help:
  • At Twin Springs Camps, we request that you choose only the environmentally safe toilet tissue provided, and use environmentally safe soap products, sanitizers, etc., while vacationing.
  • Recycling is mandatory in the town of Fayette. Glass jars, cans, and plastic containers should be rinsed and placed in the cans labeled for recycling at the main parking area above the beach. If you so desire you may return your own beverage bottles and cans to a local store for reimbursement of the bottle deposit.
  • If you are going off for the day, be sure to turn off any lights.
  • Please don't litter, this applies to the camp grounds as well as when you are on the water!
  • Other green efforts on our behalf include low volume toilet tanks.
What else do I need to know?
  • Absolutely no firearms permitted on the property!
  • Twin Springs is not liable for personal injuries. We do not have a Life Guard on duty. Children should be supervised at all times. We recommend you bring a well-fitting life vest for young children and non-swimmers to wear while they are near the water.
  • Guests agree to hold Twin Springs harmless for any and all loss of or damage to their personal property.
  • Any unsafe or dangerous condition must be reported to the on-site manager immediately.
  • Guests are expected to leave the property in the condition it was in when they arrived. This includes returning items to their place of origin, and keeping the outside premises clean and free of trash (including cigarette butts and pet waste).
  • Damages to the cabin, grounds, furniture, boats, and dock will be assessed, and reasonable fees for repair or replacement may be charged. This includes boat lights!
  • The grounds are common area to all guests with the exception of the main Konieczko camp (Evergreen). Guests may not enter the main camp or other guests' cabins without permission.
  • Septic systems are sensitive. Use only toilet paper provided that is safe for septic systems and please use sparingly. All other products (tampons) are to be put in the trash. Never dump grease down the sink or outside the cabin. Do NOT flush disposable diapers or diaper wipes.
  • Laundry facilities are not available. Laundromats are available in nearby Augusta.
  • Fishing licenses should be purchased ahead of time online at We do not provide fishing equipment.
  • No wifi or internet access is available. Many cell carriers get good service though!