About Twin Springs Camps in Fayette Maine

About Twin Springs Camps Cabin Campgrounds Stanley and Mary Konieczko knew they had found a paradise when they purchased the camp property in 1947. Although they have passed on, their spirits remain at Twin Springs, and their family continues to operate the business.

Life was different at the time of purchase. There was no plumbing or indoor bathrooms, and guests used outhouses. There was no electricity. Kerosene lanterns provided light. Ice was cut from the lake every year and stored, packed in sawdust in an ice-house, for use in ice-boxes during the summer. Wood stoves were used for heat.

About Twin Springs Camps Cabin Campgrounds Stanley used his many skills and construction knowledge to work with Mary, and the two of them completed many improvements while raising a family of 6 children. Plumbing and bathrooms were one of the first additions, as well as electricity and larger kitchens with sinks. Stone fireplaces were added during the 1950's. Guests no longer need visit an outhouse, thank goodness!

Today, the tradition of wholesome family vacations continues. Twin Springs Camps is a great place to unplug from all the activities of life that stress us. Families enjoy swimming, boating, fishing, as well as just relaxing together.

Young and old find the fishing to be quite enjoyable. Whether you enjoy trolling for white perch or angling for that whopper large mouth bass, you won't be disappointed!

For fishing, boating, connecting with family, appreciating the beauty of the Maine woods and lakes, or just relaxing, Twin Springs Camps is the place to be!

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